Wednesday, November 30, 2016

White and Black Tree Huggers: Mental for a fee. Crazy?Cages for the freaks.

Classes on love and hate, coins to flip, cards on table, poker players. Good Times, Under The Grass, Party Times, Trips To The Moon, Happy Notes, Wishes on stars, under the grass. Time to stopped for dears to cross, horse and pony shows, slow days for monkey tricks. The best time of our lives, happy dazes again, dances on shores of times. Lots of laughs, lots of jokes, under the grass, spiders and snakes, ways to look, ways to check. White and Black Tree Huggers:   Mental for a fee. Crazy?Cages for the freaks. 

Dances On the Wind, Dances Over Time, Joys and Pains. What you want to do, it is fine, coins to flip, lovers and haters, songs to sing, Tina Turner. Gifts of dances, gifts of looks, love and hate, the gifts to share, the hats to wear. over time and space. Love to last for ever, that is the quest, songs of true knights. Candy for babies, times of sorrows, times of joy, bumps in the road, times to walk away. Have to give it back, have to share the loads, have to be thankful for what we have. 

Why break up, there go back together see the lights, see the pains, see the hard knocks, tales to hand out. Gifts to write,m gifts to see, live to hand on a pink plate. Songs to play on the radio, red shoes, dances to do, birds to fly in the sky, angels like Davie Bowie, gifts left behind, songs to play all the time, thanks so much. Pages to turn, books to write, over time and space, lessons learned on the way, paths to greatness, paths to blue oceans, fish and frogs, back in the seas, classes over, love and hate, hats to wear.

People under the surface, mirrors on the wall, charms and wits, hard to beat, songs to sing. Gifts of time and spaces, tips of land whales, frogs and fags, Jewish rites. Jokers and poker players, cum suckers, snakes in dens, sinners and saints, frogs to date. Gifts of white skin, snakes in dens, jackasses in the hills, seconds to holler, snakes on sticks, balls and sticks, fires still burning on the sands of time. 

Cans Of Whip Ass, Frogs In Cans, Eaten For Fun: Songs of chance, winds to fly, American Birds, American Girls, Dogface Butterflies, to take and to give, faces to grow, frogs to eat, dates with frogs, dinner time. Hands to help, hands to lend a hand, eaten alive, earth angels, pixies, and fairy, when you date a frog.trendsetter! Good Or Bad? review for Jacqueline Jarrot .White and Black Tree Huggers: Mental for a fee. Crazy?Cages for the freaks. 

 Mental for a fee. Crazy?Cages for the freaks, cages for the cattle and the cattle callers, cages for the frogs to date for the party and play time on the beach. Gifts to share for the deeds and the actions done, changes for the cages for the frogs on the beach, dates in the dated RV by the beach in Ventura, Ca for the year of 2013, of 2016. Tricks, trades, dicks to suck for the free will and the chances to flip a car. Horror Stories: Snakes in Grass: Jewish Rites: Steven and Sima Jarrot 7608512267. Broken and hurt, jokes today for the land whales.
White and Black Tree Huggers:   Mental for a fee. Crazy?Cages for the freaks. 

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