Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dances On the Wind, Dances Over Time, Joys and Pains.

Dances On the Wind, Dances Over Time, Joys and PainsWhat you want to do, it is fine, coins to flip, lovers and haters, songs to sing, Tina Turner. Gifts of dances, gifts of looks, love and hate, the gifts to share, the hats to wear. over time and space. Love to last for ever, that is the quest, songs of true knights. Candy for babies, times of sorrows, times of joy, bumps in the road, times to walk away. Have to give it back, have to share the loads, have to be thankful for what we have. 

Bingo. Pigs and hogs to fly for free, tricks and trades, barter for more. On the farm we had some cows, land whales to date: Crooks, cheaters, and liars, oral experts on craigslist, every night, fun and games: Cheap tricks: like Steven Jarrot, fat and ready for the knifes and the holidays, he was a big, fat hog, on the farm. Had brothers dead with Daddy done here on earth, back as donkeys in hills in Riverside, CA. Funny stories, funny tweets, funny tales about the cows and the buffalo, and the butch, buff, bitches in heat.

Monkeys swinging from dogwood trees, Jesuit Charlie, Charley Jarrot, Jesus Christ? Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Coins Flipped, games played, life on the beach, good tales to spin. How much are views worth in your world? Moot in mind, please the one in your skin, happy to share views always sunny and bright sides to the pits with the cherries. Happy for hands out to help up, back on the boat. Time and space to the times to slap your face, for the good, bad and ugly deeds dead now, flipping the pages, flipping the cards..Crazy, dizzy, rich with laughs to share, about the bumps in the road, gifts and lessons daily share about the changes with chance. Gold at the pots at the end of the rainbows. Your luck is in, blue stars shooting, bright lights on the dark side of the moon, Stars of David, nice shades of blue, on the seas of chances to take. Dances with snakes.

Cartoon Hits, Mice And Men, Hits And Misses, Magic Mouse......Crooks and cheaters Charles R. Jarrot, cash or credit snake in house. Thanks, dream lives to share. Life of hardships, Trailer trash?Rachel and Steven Jarrot 562 200 9102, Trash man, treats and tips? 7608512267 RV Specials? Time to teach, time to tell, times on beaches in hell. Good times, good tips and lesson. Earth Angels, fairies and pixies, to sing and dance. Sad songs of fools and frogs, stuck on stupid. Pack of wolves, snakes in dens, fake friends,Monkey see, monkey do, excuses to blame others. Songs Played On the Radio, songs to dance to, good times, dances online.. Have a name to go with these faces or masks of the devil, or a serpent or just reptiles in the dens that you need to watch out for now and always. Steven Jay Jarrot, or Eve or Adam to Adam or Steve Jarrot, Prince Frog-Shemale Jewish White Star, sluts and slugs, dates with snakes in the grass.

Steven Jarrot, Prince Frog-Shemale Jewish White Star, Jewish Army 2005, 760 360 1613 for contact to confirm to concur statements with more color and points of views are open for a flip of a coin. Sheri and Rachel Jarrot,Cartoon Hits, Mice And Men, Hits And Misses, Magic Mouse..Dances On the Wind, Dances Over Time, Joys and Pains.. just cows to buffalo, or fag hags one and two, fly on Malcolm Gerstein's dime, and steal cars with AAA. Perfect family?Fairy Tales:Snakes and Vipers, Prince Frogs‎Apr 25, 2014 -Phone: (760) 851 - 2267 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (760) 851 - 2267 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. 760 360 1613 I will give a cash ...for return to owner LLissa Desilva, and also for the car that I stolen May 9, 2013 from LLissa in Palm Springs, CA for love and devotion, and because of the truthfulness and honest that is a little twisted in the Jarrot Jewish Army 2005, and serpent in search of prey in RV on beaches in California like Santa Monica, Ventura, and Venice for a few to pick the location for the cash to roll in. 

Why break up, there go back together see the lights, see the pains, see the hard knocks, tales to hand out. Gifts to write,m gifts to see, live to hand on a pink plate.Dances On the Wind, Dances Over Time, Joys and Pains. Songs to play on the radio, red shoes, dances to do, birds to fly in the sky, angels like Davie Bowie, gifts left behind, songs to play all the time, thanks so much. Pages to turn, books to write, over time and space, lessons learned on the way, paths to greatness, paths to blue oceans, fish and frogs, back in the seas, classes over, love and hate, hats to wear.

Jarrot Jewish Army 2016,back in time was Frog Army 2005, pages in a book, pages to turn, love, and devotion with a twist. Truthful and honest, words to define, shit for brains, dung and fecal matters: Dicks, dawgs, hell hounds, retards and basket cases, crooks, cheaters, and liars. Lots of love, lots of luck, lots of hard knocks, schools to attend, classes on love and hate. Dicks and dawgs, kings and knights, songs to sing, monkeys to dodge. Tips  and stories, veterans on the run, veterans making moves, veterans to save the day. Dances On the Wind, Dances Over Time, Joys and Pains.

Good times, dicks and dawgs:  serpent in search of prey in RV on beaches in California like Santa Monica, Ventura, and Venice for a few to pick the location for the cash to roll in. Yours to me, of course is how he would like it often, up to $37,000 a year for his charms and good looks? Satan, devil, snake in grass, reptile, bisexual, Jewish White Star-Steve and or Eve Jarrot.On the roads to greatness, on the roads to fame, on the roads of blue birds, angels and fairies, earth angels with a messages, from the man in the sky. Hats and horns, sounds to blow, goats and sheep, horns of love and hate, circles of lovers, circles of haters, gifts to tales. Dances On the Wind, Dances Over Time, Joys and Pains.

Horns to lovers, hats to haters, goats and sheep, games to play, dances on the sands of time. Ways to grow, ways to expand, dances on the sandy beaches, dances on ships of dreams, boats to sail away. Kids and goats, horns and hats, sinners and saints, frogs and snakes, circles of life, circles of luck, circles of family, circles of haters. Dances On the Wind, Dances Over Time, Joys and Pains.

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