Sunday, September 25, 2016

Witches, Earth Angels, Messages In Songs, Love, Honesty, Truth, Respect: Nothing Recaps Wasted.

Witches, Earth Angels, Messages In Songs, Love, Honesty, Truth, Respect: Nothing Recaps Wasted:
hell hounds to date, oral talents to share, date a snake. Steven Jarrot, 7608512267 Jewish Rites, Jewish and white, Jewish freaks and frogs, thanks....middle of the film industry......It appears some mental issuers? Steven Jarrot, and kids, Charles R. Jarrot 7607778998, and porn star Rachellyn1010 Rachel Jarrot. 7608512267: Steve Muccillo, tip from hell, bitches in heat, snakes and frog tales. Dances in the dances in the rain, times of joys and pains. Hell hounds tricks and trades to share. Records Rounds.

Bad jokes, fools to rule, honor the dead Jewish rites. Disgraces to share. Wise words to share, nice tips. Thanks for prayers, amen. Good one, loved it, wise words. Ice and fire notes lucky days. Earth Angel, thanks for tips around the world. Records RoundsViews and noses, buggers in yours today. So what, thanks for your views share. Happy holidays, gums out for dead heads, jokes told on float boats, days in the sun. Horns of a Goat: Let's Make Out/Dicks Out of Box Please..Originally shared by Uritza 333 Smith.Witches, Earth Angels, Messages In Songs, Love, Honesty, Truth, Respect: Nothing Recaps Wasted.

Hell Hounds-Rach, Steven,  7609020855 Rachel, Sheri, Sima, jackasses from the hill, and hell on earth. Whales on the beach, devils on earth, freaks out at night, party and play your life away, gifts of love and laughter, jokes on you, jokes on the Jarrot Whales Freaks and Frogs 2015, gifts to share, with all nine faces and mask to flip. Turning the pages, drops of dimes, the wheels go round and round, time does not stop for the freaks in the herd of jackasses from the hills and valleys in California, Colorado, and Kansas. Gifts in the middle of the night, fruits and nuts to go, for the turns on the faces of fools.

Land whale: Steven Jarrot 7608512267, Prince Frog to date. Dazes in the dog house, dazes with the hell hounds, done and over. Time for English, stories with  frogs in over my head. In the darkness, in the shadows, the cries in the night, for the lost and displace snakes out of the grass. Planes, plans, and goals to get out of dodge. Hell on earth, land shark flipped by land whale, to sleep to be eaten alive. Heartburn saved the day, shark was too rich for land whale. Good times for the shark to swim away for better fish for food. Love the life at the top of food chain.

Prince of Frog:Jewish Style: Good times, dates on the beach, party and play, freaks out tonight. GDLKG BI MALE ISO FEMALE OR COUPLE TO PNP 54...July 9, 2016: I WANT TO LICK ...YOUR LATIN KITTY FOR - m4w 46 (OXNARD) Crook Steven Jarrot 7608512267. July 9 , 2016:While Gentlemen iso Chocolate or Latin Girl. 54 (Anywhere/Ventura) July 13, 2016. I HAVE SOME...GREAT 420 IF YOU HAVE A WET KITTY - m4w 46 (Upland) Dream life, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, married for licks and suckers, lifestyle to sell. 

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