Sunday, September 25, 2016

GOTTA LEARN THE HARD WAY.Straight savage 💀 Justin Bieber's secrets.UNFORTUNATELY..

Love and lights, sunny and bright, tricks and trades online, stories left behind, up and down, bumps in the road, forks to take, boats on the water. Ships to sail, dreams in motions, dances for love, dances for luck, good times, tales left to tell, stories left to write, dances on the sands of times. Lights and love, love and hate, sheep and goats, love and hate horns on a goat, dances for lights, dances for gods, dances for little kids alive. Kids at heart, the kids that get older, never lose touch, with the kids within.

There we were a group of 87 people from four generations, sitting on the docks of the Queen Bee, the ship that we were going to sail on for a short weekend trip up the coast of California. It was a clear blue sky, with animal shapes dancing in the wind in the clouds, and it was a great way to entertain the kids. We were watching the clowns play with the balloons, and making more animals out of the balloons at the request of the kids.
Cats, dogs, birds, turtles, swans, geese and armada were the request of some of the kids for the shapes designs for the balloons that the clowns were using for the show. It was a lot of fun, when you go with a group that you are related to, and this was going to be the best one yet. We were all gather on the deck of the Queen Bee, and it was going to be smooth sailing for us.  A cruise to the wine country, was just what the doctors ordered for, and it was also a break from life in the RV, without thinking about how much it was going to cost this time, and where the money was coming from.

We are going to be able to forget about the problems that we had, and do a song and dance about the great life we have, and how we are still in escrow waiting for a house to close. In was always in that stage to explain the life in the RV, because it was Sergio’s way of dressing up the fact that we were homeless. He never wanted to face the facts, and the stories that he came up with where nowhere close to reality.

Never knowing where you were going to end up for the night in the rv, and it was a hit or miss if we could carry on after that, and how long we were able to stay at places camping in that RV. Then there were the calls during the night for the trades of favors, and attention, and the clouds in the air at night to live thought, and all the views of the cattle callers to come to pull the short hairs again.

It is the fag hag again Sheri Cattle caller,( Sheri Jarrot),  that is too bigs for her pants, so she wears (Steven J. Jarrot), Sergio’s also, it’s the bald headed baby again Rocky (Rachel Jarrot), the Jewish Rock Star, cannot find a daddy with cash. Granddaddy will have to do, because daddy cannot, and the hairdresser wants to bitch about everything still, and what she can do with the short hairs, she will depends on if she can find a chat or not for the cream.$37,000 in a year for Sergio to smoke was not enough, so he had to go and wish for another star to fund his sex with men and use Piper as a cover is gone, for the moment, and it was all about the truthfulness and honesty about the car.

It came out in the end, that a fake key was made for the intention of stealing the car, because he wanted a Mercedes to drive.  He had told piper it was for love and devotion, the reason he stole the car, never telling the other part, about how it was towed to keep it off the road, and that he wanted another car to drive.  It was at Randy’s house after it got towed there of course. This had not been anything to talk about ever, just that the buffalo picture ended up in the trash, and it was about the pleasure in the frame to jack to, is what Piper always thought.

It was a twisted father daughter thing that they had going on, and it was okay with everyone in that army of frogs. The calls to the high school, for the excuse about the curse and the aunt in town, and the head was going for the twin features, so could daddy call and talk about the blood? Why not, just wanted to know if the second bag had been collected yet, was the question Sergio wanted to know?

GOTTA LEARN THE HARD WAY.Straight savage 💀 Justin Bieber's secrets.UNFORTUNATELY.. Lessons to learn, lessons to teach, in the schools of normal life, common and straight, bent and twisted words to use. Understand the rites, understand the crazy, understand that you make a choose, live and learn, good and bad, lights to shine, red, white and blue. Masks In Place, Animals And Frogs, Tricks And Trades,Crooks, Cheaters, And Liars: Faces In Color.
GOTTA LEARN THE HARD WAY.Straight savage 💀 Justin Bieber's secrets.UNFORTUNATELY.. Fingers in the air, dances in the winds, good times, pages to turn, light and darkness, sun and moon, stars in the darkness, stars to stand alone, stand out, shine bright, birds and bees, dogs and the tricks to play, good times, lessons learned once. Once in time, back in the past, cats and dogs, dawgs to games, balls in the air, sinners and saints, snakes and frogs, that live in the grass. Land whales 12 ways, one for each hour of the day, for each month of the year, each year on earth, animals in and out of your skins. Masks In Place, Animals And Frogs, Tricks And Trades,Crooks, Cheaters, And Liars: Faces In Color.

GOTTA LEARN THE HARD WAY.Straight savage 💀 Justin Bieber's secrets.UNFORTUNATELY..Straight savage 💀 He is always with you. is always with you. Man and woman, sun and the moon, dances for the hard knocks, dances to the songs of sadness, with the fakes. What a wonderful day it is. Crook, cheater, liar, land whale and fake friend: Steven Jarrot 7608512267 .Compter was not his, took anyway, nice guy, reward like car stolen May 9, 2013, with AAA in Palm Springs.

Angels Gains: Happy, delighted with green lights on the road to riches. Angels goodness and mercy, granting desires and prayers. Great and wonderful dazes sunny and bright, dances on the beach. Magic in the stars, wishes, dreams, and desires to spin, dancing under the moonlight. Earth angels, fairies, pixies and the young at heart. Sinners or saints, stars shining bright, hands out to grab you, out of the pits, races done.

Hacker, new hat, Aug 17, 2015. Yahoo. GOTTA LEARN THE HARD WAY.Straight savage 💀 Justin Bieber's secrets.UNFORTUNATELY.. Facebook. Gmail accounts, veterans that picked up snake between skins. Yellow and black, worms and snakes, classes in the dark, in the woods, under sands of time. Snakes and monkeys to dodge. Nice post, thanks. Steven and Rachel Jarrot land whales to date 7608512267.

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